COVID19 Update

The changes around the world are rolling out thick and fast. We would like to keep Kimberleylanders updated with the latest. 

1. Borders are heavily restricted.

What does this mean? No-one knows exactly. We do know that if you cross the Northern Territory border into Western Australia that you will be required to quarantine or isolate for 14 days. Where? We don't know. How will it be managed? We don't know. We will do our best to keep you informed. 

2. Bookings.

We are giving you two options. The first is to defer your booking right up until October 2022. That gives you a couple of years to get up here. The second is in line with our cancellation policy which is a refund minus a $30 fee. If you, for your own reasons continue with your booking then we are still open for you. We understand there are reasons you may be here and where we can, we are encouraging people to "Holiday Here, Next Year". 

3. Infection Control

We are rolling out infection control around the park. This includes the layout, spread of guests, the increase in cleaning, education program for guests and staff. 

4. Our cafe - Spilled the Beans

In line with Government announcements we will be limiting the cafe to take-away sales only. "Keep Cups" have been temporarily knocked back as we only use take-away cups. We stress this isn't forever. Our cafe will continue to operate. 

We will be liaising with local and government authorities as our community's, guests and staff health and safety are our priority. 

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