COVID19 Update including Isolation Stays and WA Borders

The changes around Western Australia border controls are complex and rapidly changing. We would like to keep Kimberleylanders updated with the latest. 

WA will introduce a "controlled border" on the 14th of November, 2020. 

What does this mean? If you're from NSW or Victoria, you're out of luck this time and will still have to apply, test and self-isolate for 14 days. However, if you're in the NT, ACT, Tasmania, SA or QLD - you're in luck! You are permitted to enter WA without quaratining however you will still have to make a declaration about your recent movements and have a temperature test taken upon arrival in WA. 

1. Borders Restrictions, Exempt Travellers and Self Isolating in Kununurra.

Kimberleyland are taking isolation stays which are carefully managed to protect the public and our other guests whilst making isolators stays as comfortable and convenient as possible. Coles Click n' Collect, yes we can do that for you. Meals? Yes, we do have an onsite cafe for coffee, cake, breakfast and lunches that can deliver meals to you.  

Only pre-approved, exempt travellers can enter into Western Australia. If you cross the Northern Territory border into Western Australia you will be required to quarantine or isolate for 14 or 15 days. 

The Government of Western Australia outlines the exemptions on this website

You can either download the G2G Pass Smart Phone Application or you can jump onto to apply. You don't have to do the application without help or support, there are forums out there where people can help or share their own experiences. One such group is G2G Pass - WA

For more detail on self-isolation and quarantine stays in Kununurra, please go to our Isolation Stays page. 

2. 2020 Pre-Covid Bookings.

We are giving you two options. The first is to defer your booking right up until October 2022. That gives you a couple of years to get up here. The second is in line with our cancellation policy which is a refund minus a $30 fee. If you, for your own reasons continue with your booking then we are still open for you. We understand there are reasons you may be here and where we can, we are encouraging people to "Holiday Here, Next Year". 

3. Infection Control

We are rolling out infection control around the park. This includes the layout, spread of guests, the increase in cleaning, education program for guests and staff. 

4. Our cafe - Spilled the Beans

"Keep Cups" have been temporarily knocked back as we only use take-away cups. We stress this isn't forever. Our cafe will continue to operate. 

We will be liaising with local and government authorities as our community's, guests and staff health and safety are our priority. 

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