What is it about being waterfront, we asked ourselves?

What is it about being waterfront, we asked ourselves?

Kimberley Waters

Having recently sat down to hold a magnifying glass to our beautiful holiday park as part of a marketing exercise, we found that at the very top of our ‘unique things about Kimberleyland’ list was the allure of its waterfront location, quickly followed by its close proximity to the centre of town. But that’s the Kimberley for you. It surrounds you with country and history. At Kimberleyland it literally laps at your feet.

Introducing Kimberleyland Waterfront Holiday Park.

It was obvious that every aspect of what made Kimberleyland Holiday Park stand out was influenced by our waterfront scenery - the lake with its lily-pads, native ghost gums rising out of the water and ancient rock formations painting the background with vivid outback colours. We just had to add ‘Waterfront’ to our name.

What makes this Kimberley waterfront so unique?

The vast nature of the Kimberley landscape draws crowds to Kimberleyland’s waterfront, to experience the incredible views of the lake and the rocks and the authentic Australian wilderness.

It’s a front row seat to the abundant birdlife and wildlife visiting the shores of the lake that mesmerises Australians and foreign visitors alike. Especially when the toothless friendly croc emerges at sunset.

There’s a waterfront social gathering most nights in peak season with an informal happy hour, and live music at least once a week during the season.

Entertainment Sundowners at Kimberleyland

The view is southern facing so the soft glow of the sunset means the red rocks of the Carlton Ranges (also known as the Sleeping Buddha) are spectacular and alive with colour. In the distance, the ribbon sandstones of Mirima National Park peak high above the lush greenery of Kununurra.

You can watch Jesus birds walk on water.

There are flowers growing out of the water lilies reflected in the still crystal surface of Lily Creek Lagoon – the estuary that connects the Kununurra Township to Lake Kununurra and Ord River. Native Jabirus – or Jesus birds - appear to walk on water. They use the lily pads as stepping-stones and it’s such a beautiful sight.

Bird life RAMSAR waterways of Kimberleyland Kununurra

Stay at the waterfront’s edge and you won’t miss a thing.

The absolute waterfront sites and cabins are absolutely gorgeous, with rolling green lawns running all the way down to the water’s edge. From here you can fully immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Kimberley wilderness by day and night. As these sites and cabins are in limited numbers, we recommend booking early for this unforgettable experience.

Finally, we invite you to enjoy our new-look website. With so many new and refurbished facilities to show off, we want to reflect the contemporary and unique nature of our waterfront park in everything we do.

For those of you who love the waterfront as much as we do remember, there is nothing to compare to a Kimberley waterfront at sunset from the comfort of your own pull-up chair.

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