Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Kununurra is a very pet-friendly town with five of the six caravan parks allowing pets all year round. Kimberleyland is the only Caravan Park to offer the pet-free alternative. Discovery Lake Kununurra allows pets and participates in the same G'Day Rewards program as Kimberleyland. 


Q: Is Kununurra a safe place? Is Kimberleyland a secure caravan park? 

It pains us that this is such a common question - we'll be straight with you. 

Kununurra has, in recent years, experienced a spate of car thefts. Fortunately, cars and caravans that are secured are not stolen - there has not been forced break-ins or armed robberies. Thefts that have occured around town are the result of opportunism. No matter where you stay in Kununurra or elsewhere, it is recommended that you lock up in the same way that you lock up when you are at home. Lock your car and caravan, keep your keys hidden and secure - do not leave valuables outside and/or unsecured. This includes alcohol in car fridges and eskies. 

At Kimberleyland, our park is secured by full fences and boom gates on entry and exit. We have CCTV installed around the park and motion sensor alarms. 
The message we have for visitors is that we don't experience violence or forced break-ins, only opportunistic crime - you may be on holidays but thieves are not. 


Q: Do you have WIFI?

A: Yes, we have a free WI-FI hotspot around the reception, cafe and pool area. Free WIFI is available in the Poolside and Waterfront Cabins and almost all of the Caravan sites. 


Q: Can you book tours for us?

A: We certainly can. Come and see the friendly reception staff to let you know what tours are available and also make your bookings for you. This is a free service and almost all tours will pick you up from Kimberleyland. 


Q: Do you offer Caravan Storage?

A: Yes, Kimberley land offers Caravan Storage which is popular with guests travelling to the Bungle Bungles, Gibb River Road and Mitchell Plateau. 

If you're sitting on the fence about taking your Caravan or not, consider hiring a Kununurra Kamper - an all inclusive hire solution - All you need to do is turn up, hitch up and off you go. 


Q: Is there a shuttle service?

A: Yes we can, we offer a FREE airport pick up and drop off service - just ask our crew.

There are some taxi and charter services available in Kununurra which we can help to book for you. The town center is a 15 minute walk along the edge of Lake Kununurra. Reception stocks essentials such as ice, bread, milk etc. There is also the Kimberley Grande Sports Bar a few hundred metres away. The number for taxi services is 131008


Q: Do you refill Gas bottles?

A: We sure do, just bring your empty bottles to reception and we will get them filled for you. Please make sure the bottles are in good condition and still in date (up to 10 years from the manufacture date on the collar).


Q: Do you have room for big rigs?

A: Yes we do! Spots are limited though so it is essential that big rigs and fifth wheelers make prior bookings by calling 0891681280, especially from May to August. 


Q: Can you swim in Lake Kununurra and Lake Argyle?  

A: Yes you can. The best way to access the river is from 'Swim Beach' or like the locals do - from a boat.
The most magnificent swims are from the Lake Argyle Sunset Cruises. 


Q: Are there crocodiles in Kununurra? 

A: Yes there are Freshwater (Crocodylus johnsoni) in Lake Argyle and Lake Kununurra. These crocodiles are considered safe to swim with and only bite in self-defence. There are Saltwater Crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) in the Lower Ord River below the gates of the Diversion Dam including Ivanhoe Crossing. These crocodiles are not safe to with swim. At Kimberleyland we have a resident Freshwater Crocodile called "Gummy" due to his lack of teeth from old age. Gummy normally surfaces around sunset. 


Q: Are there any quarantine restrictions?

A: If you are travelling from the Northern Territory there are quarantine restrictions on fresh fuit and vegetables, as well as honey and other items. Please refer to the AQIS website for more details by clicking here There are NO restrictions travelling from Western Australia into the Northern Territory. 


Q: Are there any alcohol restrictions?

A: Yes there are - however - in April 2021 the State Government granted an exemption for bulk alcohol purchases for tourists visiting remote parts of the Kimberley. There's a couple of things to be aware of. Firstly, how to exempt yourself and secondly, the tighter bottle shop hours. 

Tourists will be required to provide their residential address, address where the liquor is being taken, and their vehicle registration number on purchase.

Bottle shops in Kununurra are open from 12pm to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, and require a drivers licence or other ID to be presented. ID is scanned into the TAMS system. For further information read the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor's official restrictions


Q. Is there a BIG4 in Kununurra? 

A: Not anymore, no although there used to be two BIG4 parks.
Instead there are two G'Day Parks in Kununurra. 

One is a Discovery Parks - Lake Kununurra (formerly known as Kona Caravan Park). Discovery Lake Kununurra are one of the G'Day Parks corporate owned caravan parks. 

Kimberleyland is also a G'Day Parks Member, although independently owned by a local pioneering Kununurra family. 

The important thing for you to know is that both of these parks honour the G'Day Rewards Loyalty Card offering 10% per stay, capped at $50. (Discovery Lake Kununurra accept Pets, while Kimberleyland do not) 


Q. Are Big4 and Discovery Parks the same?

A: No, they are not. 


Q. Are there any Top Tourist Parks in Kununurra? 

A: Top Tourist Parks became known as Top Parks. Top Parks then merged with G'Day Parks. Our park, Kimberleyland, was part of the Top Tourist Park/Top Parks network and is now part of the G'Day Rewards Group (however we remain independently owned). 


Q. Can we get mail sent to us via Kimberleyland? 

Yes you can. You can send it to; c/o Guest Name PO Box 261 Kununurra WA 6743. We do have a rather slow mail service and only recommend express post - which can still take over a week to arrive. 


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