Kimberley Clean Energy, Digital and Physical Access Upgrade

The opportunity for innovation knocked on our door. 

In 2022 the Australian Government threw it's backing behind the Caravan Park Industry by announcing an exciting grant which supported new infrastructure and/or upgrades including to make them more accessible or environmentally friendly, and upgrades to visitor amenities or recreational facilities. 

At Kimberleyland, we love offering new and improved facilities for our guests so we got our thinking caps on. What's needed most? 

We'd seen a big increase in travellers working remotely from their vans - and these workers needed a solid internet connection.

Our first project component? A new and improved WIFI system across our 4.5 hectre park. 

We'd also observed an increase in travellers seeking disability/physical access accommodation. We spoke with a good friend of ours who suffered an accident and became paralysed with a young family while in his 30's. Dan explained that although he could mostly find disability access accommodation, it was just about impossible to find it for a family setting.

With Dan's experience in mind, we set our second component to build a two bedroom physical access cabin that could accommodate a wide range of needs. 

Grey nomads? Yep, they love the Kimberley. While some are nimble and active, we obesrved others needing better pathways around the park either for stable walking, walking aides or even wheelchairs. What's the point of having disability access amenities if the connection to them isn't ideal?

So our third component was set to build improved access pathways. 

And finally, we reognise that we have some of the greenest energy in the country right here in the East Kimberley, with the Ord Hydro Electricity Scheme. We are aware that the Electric Vehicle movement is coming and were keen to be prepared in advance for that. 

So our fourth component was a Clean Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Station. 

Our next step would be to convince the Australian Government that these projects are worthy. Thankfully in February 2023, we were awarded a Grant Agreement. This was particularly significant for us as during the assessment period our neighbouring town, Fitzroy Crossing lost it's bridge in the 2023 Kimberley Floods. Our National Highway One was lost, we had no road access to our capital city and we were facing our 2nd natural disaster in 3 years. 

So how have our upgrades been received?

Our favourite feedback is from one of our guests, John who wrote, "This year a new cabin is being erected, but a 94 year old the casting of concrete paths throughout the park is a great help for us oldies. It will be easier to use a walker or cane when accessing the park amenities."

Pathway Feedback

And the WIFI? Wikicamps user, 'Roy & HG' wrote the feedback "Best wifi of all the parks so far". For a remote park, this is awesome feedback for us to hear! 

WFI feedback

The electric vehicle charging station is ready to go and our disability access cabin ready in time for the 2024 Ord Valley Muster happening right across the road from us. 

We are very grateful to have had the chance to do these upgrades as without a co-contributing grant, these projects would have been significantly delayed.

We've had a big wet season again here in the East Kimberley, it's very green and the waterfalls are running better than usual. We're ready to host you! 

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