Kimberleyland polishes the Silver

We all know the term once. We all know the term twice. Most people are familiar with the term thrice. But did you know there is no word or term like that for four times?

Having snapped up a Silver Medal at the WA Tourism Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 we are thrilled to announce that we are Finalists at the 2018 Tourism Awards in the category for Holiday and Caravan Parks. We’ve won the silver thrice. If there’s no equivalent for ‘four times’…. Is this a good omen??

Kimberleyland Awarded Silver at WA Tourism Awards

Why do we enter? Well, to be honest it’s a huge effort and a lot of work. Most importantly, you actually have to run a good operation with continuous improvements, staff development, engage with local businesses, look after the environment, contribute towards the tourism industry from local, regional, state and national levels, do market research, respond to customer feedback, have well measured goals and outcomes, contribute to the local community, full risk assessment and management…. The list goes on. And that’s just the start!

After that you have to complete an extensive, comprehensive and detailed submission (enter late nights and frustration!), complete a site visit and interview. Phew!! 

So back to the original question! The main reason we enter is not for our egos or glory..... but because it’s an excellent process to go through in order to step back and assess your business, driving improvement. It’s also helpful to build credibility. After we won our first Silver Award we got an enticing invitation to join Top Parks. Win. We were included in several media articles. Win. It’s a rewarding experience as hard work often is.

We thought we would share a snippet from our Awards Submission, it’s a little bit of history of how the park was established. We hope you enjoy. And please, wish us luck, cross your fingers, pray to God – thank you!!

Kimberleyland was established by East Kimberley tourism pioneer and 1986 Sir David Brand Award winner (the Pinnacle Individual Award of the Western Australian Tourism Industry), the late Gregor McQuie together with Friedrich Bolten, a European farming migrant. In May 1984 the park was officially opened by Stephen Hales, the then Minister for Tourism of Western Australia. Gregor and Friedrich held high hopes for the tourism venture. This dream was abruptly cut short with the tragic and premature death of Fredrich later that same year leaving behind his wife and four children aged 20 months to 15 years. The McQuie and Horsley families operated the park from 1984-1994.

Today the park preserves those family ties with Fredrich’s youngest daughter Maria continuing the vision set 34 years ago. Maria reflects, “Kimberleyland has held a special place in my heart for as long as I can remember. From playing in the gardens as a child to rolling out the picnic blanket with my own children on the foreshore for sunset. That overwhelming feeling of peace, the view still takes my breath away. It encapsulates all that the Kimberley has to offer with the burnt orange rocks of Mirima and Sleeping Buddha, the spectacular sunsets, the lilies flowers of the lagoon, the wildlife, the water reflections, the birdlife. Not just that, I get to share it with visitors from all over Australia and the globe! What my Father started, what he wasn’t able to finish – I want to do that for him.”

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