Is this the most beautiful racecourse in Australia?

We love Kununurra and we love talking about the things that Kununurra does the biggest or best!

One claim we make is that we have the most BEAUTIFUL racecourse in Australia, nestled at the foot of the ancient Kimberley rock formation called Carlton Ridge/Sleeping Buddha which glows a magnificent orange at sunset against the blue waters of the Ord River. Although we must admit that the Wyndham Race Course with the ranges in the backdrop are also absolutely stunning.

Kununurra Race Course at the Kununurra Turf Club

The East Kimberley Race Round has the atmosphere of your typical Australian Bush Horse Race round with one major exception. Situated on the banks of Lake Kununurra – Australia’s largest above ground freshwater source Kununurra is the only race course in Western Australia north of Geraldton that is turfed. Lush green grass! That’s the tracks and the spectators’ lawn.

When is it on you ask?

Kununurra Ladies Day is Saturday the 20th of August, 2022. 

Kununurra Cup is on Saturday the 27th of August, 2022. What do you need to know? The horses are back. 

There is definitely a Fashions on the Field competition with runways, prizes! For details about the Fashions of the Field, there is a dedicated (very dedicated, the committee take the Race Day Fashion very seriously!) "Kununurra Races: Fashions on the Field" Facebook Page. Heats start from 2.30pm.

Some race goers even arrive by helicopter!! 

Helicopter Arrival at the Kununurra Race Club

This year there are the new Members Marquees complete with shade, seats, ice buckets full of champagne and gourmet platters. Want more details about prices, shuttle buses, parking, the bar and entertainment? Jump onto the Kununurra Race Club Facebook page or Instagram Account. It’s a great event and run entirely by volunteers.

Marquees at the Kununurra Ladies Day Turf Club

Thank you very much to the very talented Sarah Duguid for the amazing images she’s provided as well as the Kununurra Race Club. Of course, if you are looking for stunning accommodation to match the style of the Kununurra Races, our new Deluxe Waterfront Cabins could be just the thing! 

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