Bungle Bungles Purnululu Ranges

Purnululu National Park is approximately 5 hours drive from Kununurra. It is recommended that you fuel up before entering the National Park and the last fuel station is at Warmun Roadhouse, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Kununurra. 

Regarded as the absolute highlight of the Kimberley the Bungle Bungle Purnululu National Park are world heritage listed for good reason - absolutely unmissable! Deep chasms, epic gorges and the iconic beehives - the sheer size and scale of the Bungles impress visitors. Accessible by off-road vans and 4WD's only talk to our staff about your Bungles options - camping, caravan or accommodation and don't forget guided tour options. Give yourself 5 hours drive to drive from Kununurra and allocate a minimum of 2 nights camping/glamping. 

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